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Join Wikimedia India !!!
Individual Membership Application - Institutional Membership Application

Society information

Please read the registration documents. On, request, the Chapter will be happy to send you a copy by email.

Membership criteria

Membership is open to Indian citizens (aged 18 years and above) and Institutions registered in India.

Individual Membership Benefits

Service to the Society

  • Part of the Wikimedia Chapter and its mission.
  • You can participate by voting and/or standing for the Executive Committee membership in the elections of Wikimedia Chapter
  • You can represent Wikimedia Chapter after appropriate authorization in dealing with Institutions.
  • You can join Wikimedia India Teams to promote Wikimedia projects and free knowledge.

Other benefits

  • Discounted prices for Chapter events that have an admission fee and publications that are paid.
  • Subscription to member communication mailing list.

Institutional Membership Benefits

What kind of organisations do we accept?

Any organisation interested in the cause of Wikimedia is welcome to become a member. Academic institutions, non governmental organisations engaged in similar causes, Companies utilising Wikimedia projects for their research or building products and services using Wikimedia information and Language organisations are welcome. Please note that the list is indicative and not exhaustive.

What is in it for Institutions?

  • Association with Wikimedia India to signal their interest to support Wikimedia projects India
  • Way to reach out through members only mailing list or wikis to seek feedback on projects relevant to Wikimedia.
  • Ability to influence/shape projects of Wikimedia Chapter that is of interest.

Membership Fee and Process details

  • Fees: Membership is open to Indian citizens (aged 18 years and above) and Institutions registered in India. The annual membership fee (as on Mar 2011) is Rs 100/- for Individuals and Rs 1000/- for Institutions.
  • Membership Term: The membership term runs from the date of approval of said membership and ends on 31st March of the same financial year. Membership applications are accepted throughout the year. There are no multi year or life membership options.
  • Payment mode: The membership fee can be paid either by NEFT/Statebank Interbranch transfer/DD/Cheque/ to Chapter Bank account. If you would like to deposit cash/outstation cheques into Chapter SBI Bank account, at SBI branches, please add Rs 25 as collection charges(as of Aug 2011). It is advised to transfer the amount through NEFT as the charges are much lower. Cash is not accepted by the Chapter for membership fee. However EC members/SIG Chairs/Wikimedia India Members/local community leaders are encouraged to help people for fresh/renewal applications, by acting as coordinators to collect completed forms, membership fee in cash and then send all the forms along with payment (electronic or physical) to the Chapter. Please note that Chapter will not be responsible if any such transactions are not sent to the Chapter by the said coordinators. For account details, see the page on donations.
  • Membership form: The membership application form can be downloaded from available: Individual, Institutional
  • Form submission: The duly completed membership application along with payment instrument/or details of payment needs to be sent to Chapter office: Wikimedia Chapter, No. 194, 2nd ‘C’ Cross, Domlur, 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560071.
  • Identity proof:To comply with the legal requirements, we have now made mandatory that an applying member should also send either a hard or soft copy of an identity proof which mentions his or her name, along with date of birth, photo and address. The typical identity documents acceptable are: (i) voter's identity card, (ii) passport, (iii) PAN card, or (iv) Driving License.
  • Application processing: The Chapter membership committee will endeavour to process all applications within four weeks
  • WMC reserves the right to reject membership applications, with reason. In such cases, if payment is already made, the same will be refunded without any interest for the intervening period otherwise, the payment instrument (Cheque/DD) will be returned. However, the Rules and Regulations of the Wikimedia Chapter provide for appeal in such cases in Article IV-1. “In cases where the Executive Committee does not approve the application for membership of a person, said person may appeal to the General Body at the next Annual General Meeting.”
  • Donations: If you so desire, you can also contribute to the Society through Donations.

Cessation of Membership

Article V of the Memorandum of Association lays down the ways membership can end:

  • By death.
  • By failing to pay annual membership fees of the Society by the end of the third month from the start of the Fiscal Year for which said fees were due; in such cases membership may be reinstated upon payment of fees, in case of all members
  • By voluntary resignation, in case of all members with prior notice of one month.
  • By action of the Executive Committee for any proven unprofessional behaviour or conduct, or action prejudicial to the interest of the Society. However, the concerned member will be given an opportunity to provide justification on why the said member should not be removed. The decision for removal will become effective only after it is ratified at the next Annual General or Special Meeting following the decision of the Executive Committee. Till such time as the decision for removal is ratified, the member's membership will be kept in suspension.