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Mailing Lists

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Wikimedia India coordination lists

The following are the various forums & mailing lists used by Wikipedians/Wikimedians in India to stay connected and coordinate voluntary activities.

Wikimedia India Community list

This is the primary list and channel for coordination and communication for all matters related to Wikipedia or Wikimedia projects in India. All Wikipedians and Wkimedians of various Indian languages are urged to register and be part of this list to be part of all communication.

Wikimedia Chapter Members list

(If you wish to join the Wikimedia India Chapter, details here.)

Wikimedia Chapter Executive Committee

This is the list for Wikimedia India chapter Executive Committee internal Communication. This list can be used by all stakeholders and wikipedians to send communication to the India chapter EC.

Region/City specific meetup lists

We are looking forward to catalyze regular Wikipedia/Wikimedia meetups in the other states/cities/towns too. If you wish to volunteer, please contact us here.

Community/ Language specific mailing lists

If you are aware of any other existing mailing lists related to India, please let us know here

For a full list of Wikimedia lists, please find them here.

Project specific mailing lists

Chapter mails

  • Chapter : chapter at
  • Memberships : memberships at
  • Press : press at
  • Social Media : socialmedia at

Social Media Channels


Google +



Disclaimer: No of members of the mailing lists relate only to the no. of subscribers to that mailing list and not necessarily indicate the actual number of members of the community. No of members updated as of 20 January 2012.