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MediaWiki Workshop

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Help to improve MediaWiki

At Wikimedia India functions, it is often asked, "How can I contribute on a technical level"? We have tutorials that can be taught at events. Here are some suggested streams for events.

Suggested "streams"

Editing And Beyond stream

  1. Interface Introduction
  2. Namespaces
  3. Special Namespaces: Template, Category, MediaWiki, Special etc.: refer to the architecture document
  4. Templates and Parser functions
  5. Gadgets: refer to Gadget Kitchen for learning resources & video tutorial

Installing Is The First Step To Hacking stream

  1. MediaWiki installation on different operating systems
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration - Using Extensions
  4. Making of Namespace
  5. Database Structure

Localisation/internationalisation stream


  1. localisation for your language at
  2. provide information on subjects like grammatical gender, plural and grammar as part of the language support team for your language
  3. help us define input methods for your language
  4. help us with freely licensed fonts for your script and language for use as a web font

How To Hack MediaWiki stream

Instead of duplicating material, please refer to How to become a MediaWiki hacker and the workshop syllabus.

Mobile stream

Instead of duplicating material, please refer to the mobile tutorial reference and video.


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